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Malin Akerman shows off her smile and some cleavage for all the people

Jan. 9, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Well. It looks like the People's Choice Awards were the place to be tonight. So overstuffed with hotties, I have to choose ones to write about today, which is a little sad, but every time I look at this actress'ssmile, I forget that somedaywe are all going to die. That's Malin Akerman casting her spell over me. She's so damn gorgeous and features so many lovely features. Her blonde hair, her striking eyes and that utterly sweet/sincere/fiery/sexy/playful smile of hers makes me want to cry. She's always been one of my favorite hotties and now with this dress she's wearingGod bless her. They're like upside down windows exposing her awesome cleavage. Eyes may be windows into the soul, but, boobs. We also get a peek at the booty she's sporting and this is probably my favorite of the bunch from last night. Anyway, if you're looking for a repulsive amount of pictures of this sexy starlet, look no further!

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7:44PM on 01/09/2014
Whoa. I like that dress, Malin.
Whoa. I like that dress, Malin.
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4:31PM on 01/09/2014
Such an amazingly beautiful woman
Such an amazingly beautiful woman
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