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Mammary Monday: Holly Peers goes Nerd for Fool's Day

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
I'm trying to not objectify women to the extent that there needs to be a boob post on every single Monday that passes us by. In fact, I've struggled considering whether or not it's a positive thing to put so much emphasis on just the breasts of a model, if it means something negative in the long scope of things regarding how women are viewed in society. But then I think this: Women like well-endowed model Holly Peers are not being coerced into this line of work. They're taking what they have that can make them a comfortable living and profiting from it. They're using the current trendy habit of using the word "nerd" to administer self-proclaimed coolness in the subculture of smart people who are still catering to not wanting to be be unabashedly unashamed of their intelligence and have taken "Nerd" back the way "Bitch" has been. Whatever the case, I want to say this: Peers has a fantastic set of breasts which are human artwork to look at, think about, marvel over. I like them. They deserve celebration. As well as a slow, deliberate, sensual mental fondling. Yup.

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