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Maria Menounos and her booty will keep you from feeling the blues

Feb. 21, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

It's funny. We only really ever see pictures on MovieHotties of Maria Menounos on her television show or on the beach, but they never ever get old. Here's Maria looking spectacular in a blue dress for Extra, along with kinda creepy, but probably way super nice in real life Mario Lopez and her hairstylist/make up dude person. I can just imagine on set someone telling him to fix Maria's hair. He probably threw down that can of hair spray and fell to his knees, screaming to the heavens, "but how do I perfect what is already perfect?!" Nah, he probably just fixed her hair in real life. As always, Maria's ass is looking spectacular. It's like a giant blueberry that I know I'll get arrested for if I try to take a bite out of it. Very well. I have a better imagination than you think, police officers, if that is your real profession. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get a bowl of blueberries and examine these pictures a little more closely. Good day! 

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Source: Popoholic

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6:50PM on 02/21/2014
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2:43PM on 02/21/2014
Great in a dress or swimsuit.
Great in a dress or swimsuit.
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