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Maria Menounos and McKayla Maroney make an incredible dance duo

Aug. 28, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

The curvalicious Maria Menounos apparently gets along splendidly with McKayla Maroney, the American artistic gymnast who took home the gold medal from this year's Summer Olympics. Maria had McKayla as the guest of honor on Extra, and it looks like, thanks to her, a whole lot of rump shaking went down. I find myself intrigued by this McKayla Maroney chicklet. I like charismatic girls with enough confidence to break out and dance in front of a crowd like that, and it's not something you see often enough from women that aren't "TV personalities". McKayla seems to actually have a real personality, not to leave out that amazing, provocative pair of peepers. It's like she's staring into my soul's soul. And speaking of charismatic women, the 34-year-old Menounos didn't hesitate to join McKayla in dropping it as if it were hot. The group standing behind the Menounos didn't let the moment go to waste, as you can see them using their camera-phones to capture the spectacle.

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