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Maria Menounos has butt one feature that could draw this kind of crowd

May. 17, 2013by: Droz

Have you spotted the theme for this afternoon's posts? Yes, all 3 of these ladies are natural brunettes. What a startling coincidence.

Anyway, speaking of hair, look at the amazing hair Maria Menounos was sporting while walking through a crowd down at The Grove yesterday. All those people behind her can't believe what an incredible job her stylist did. Notice how a few of them have to look down, for shame of being without such a gorgeous head of hair. Even Maria herself was unable to contain her joy when catching a glimpse of her impressive locks as she passed by a mirror. I'm sure all those guys watching her walk away with expressions akin to a starving hyena spotting a wounded gazelle, were all thinking to themselves how much they wish their girlfriends had hair like Maria's. It's a good thing Maria has such beautiful hair, because without that I don't think there's anything else about Maria that so readily impresses such a diverse group of people. Is there anything else you can see that stands out on Maria? I can't think of anything.

Oh wait, I remember. She's also got great taste in shoes. How could I forget that? Silly me.

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Source: Celebslam


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