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Maria Menounos flaunts her perfect bikini body yet again

Jul. 16, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I really wish there was less of a push to get us to believe that Derek Hough is straight. The brother of Julianne Hough and one of the dancers on "Dancing with the Stars," has been featured as a "boyfriend" of contestants like Shannon Elizabeth and more currently, Maria Menounos. On the other hand, there have been images of him leaving gay clubs with other celebrities, of course being of the male variety, surfacing from time to time. I say don't worry about image. You're a dancer on a shitty show. You wear spandex and sequins. No one cares if you're gay or not, I promise. They've accepted you for who you are and by the time that you come out of the closet it's going to be another unwanted, underwhelming Clay Aiken declaration. Derek, step away from the hot chicks unless you're fluffing their hair.

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Source: Gossip Girls

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