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Maria Menounos gets worked on a lot in her tight dress

Oct. 2, 2013by: Droz

We like to speculate endlessly about how one gets a job looking after and maintaining hotties like Maria Menounos when they're doing their thing, whatever that thing is. I'm sure, as great as that gig sounds, it certainly must have its drawbacks. Though from the sight of the support crew that hover around Maria while she does her thing on her show, I can't think of what those drawbacks might be. Who wouldn't find endless contentment in being the guy who gets to slip a mike pack into Maria's tight ass dresses? How about getting to fiddle with her dress while she's wearing it? Granted, that might be something strictly for the ladies, but if you happen to be a lady who swing both ways, you might could get a little extra something out of that experience too. Hell, I'd even take the golf cart driver gig, ferrying Maria around the set and getting to admire a fine set of stems along the way. I've had almost every kind of job there is and I can say with confidence that I none of them ever had any job perks like these.

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Source: NSFW

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11:14PM on 10/02/2013
Love this woman.
Love this woman.
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7:35PM on 10/02/2013
Very fit
Very fit
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