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Maria Menounos goofs off with The Governor

Feb. 6, 2013by: Droz

Maria Menounos and her fine ass were looking good as usual on the set of Extra yesterday, where she and The Governor from The Walking Dead did some zombie touchy-feely. Speaking of TWD, are ya'll ready for season 3.5? While season 1 remains the best thus far, I'm much more down with where they're taking things in season 3 over the snoozefest that was season 2. I didn't think it was possible to make farms and lost children any more boring than they already are, but they somehow managed it. By the time things finally came to a head in season 2, I think most of us were ready to see a large part of the cast on the dinner card of any passing zombie hoard. Thankfully season 3 has rectified that. The awesome contrast between a dank prison filled with zombified convicts and a town ruled by a despotic madman has proven much more entertaining. Speaking of the Gov, did you know the guy who plays him, David Morrissey, is English? What's the deal with all these Australian and English people showing up on so much of our TV lately? I know we've pretty much sold out most of our manufacturing to Asia. Have we also outsourced all our acting to the British Empire? Granted, they do have that whole Shakespearean legacy thing. I'm sure most American's are still stuck on what a fishmonger is.

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10:33PM on 02/06/2013
Gorgeous lady!
Gorgeous lady!
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12:24PM on 02/07/2013

Fun To Look At

And a bit of pokies!
And a bit of pokies!
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