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Maria Menounos heard something about asses in jeans, decided to show everyone how it's done

Mar. 28, 2013by: Droz

Someone managed to catch a few shots of Maria Menounos going casual at the farmer's market in a tight pair of jeans and a wife beater. Though isn't almost anything Maria drapes around her ass have to be tight? I would think 5-year-old sweat pants would still be tasked to envelop that booty. I guess this is Maria's day off from her normally grueling routine of slipping into super tight dresses she wears on her show, which we all know are entirely necessary to bring the hard-hitting news stories about who is sleeping with who in Hollywood, or which under aged music star stumbled out of a bar last night, or who has a new organic, vegan, feng-shui, yoga-based coloring book for the blind coming out. Truth be told, those 60 Minutes folks should pay attention to Maria. They say sex is a fantastic way to pry the truth out of people. There are few things more sexy that Maria's ass in something tight. I'll bet with sufficient ass wiggling, Maria could get some horny political type to make with the secret government corruption stories pretty quick.

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Source: NSFW

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Drool Back
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10:34PM on 03/28/2013


...I just wanna dive face first into that ass...
...I just wanna dive face first into that ass...
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6:59PM on 03/28/2013
Love her.
Love her.
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