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Maria Menounos is a lone hottie at Lone Survivor premiere

Nov. 13, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

With Maria going from one Whalberg to the next, I've gotta say that side of the family is probably having a pretty good week. Who knows if Donnie saw her here and was like, "Yo! You wannah go see my bratha's moovie, or somethin' (that's how I think he talks, he probably doesn't at all, though)?" And good for them, if that's the case.

A few comments that I've seen over the many times I've uploaded stories on this beauty have pointed out the fact that Maria isn't really an actress and, therefore, doesn't have a right to be mentioned on MovieHotties. I understand their point, but what the hell? She's an astoundingly gorgeous woman who's in the film, television and gossip scene, so not only does she belong here, but the more she's featured on the site, the more my love for her grows and the more chances she has to see me creepily writing about her. See? Everyone wins! Did I just go on a mini-rant? Anyway, here we can see Maria Menounos at the premiere of LONE SURVIVOR looking great. Many times, people go crazy about side-boob, but here, we have a majestic view of some side-booty. Enjoy.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna WENN


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10:43PM on 11/13/2013
She looks great here.
She looks great here.
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1:56PM on 11/13/2013
She looks so fine. Digging the hair and legs.
She looks so fine. Digging the hair and legs.
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