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Maria Menounos is one suave lady

Mar. 19, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Here's one of my biggest crushes ever, Maria Menounos doing what she always does (look sexy as f*ck) at the Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Collection Launch. As much as I'm loving these pictures, I can't help but feel they're a little unfair. By that, I mean these pictures are giving me bluebells. They're the equivalent of a woman standing right in front of me completely naked and begging me to have sex with her, but my grandmother is standing right behind me. It's a confusing situation.. Basically with Maria showing off the collection of soap and such gets me to think of her in a shower or one of those giant bathtubs with jets and stuff in it, you know? Anyway, I can totally see her there and she's scrubbing her pretty little body and making it super squeaky clean, but for some reason, she wants me to wash her booty for her. Yup. That's my fantasy. Don't judge me. Look at that thing. The blue skirt she's rocking is only making it prettier and accentuates is massiveness. And as much as I would love to give into that fantasy, I can't taint Maria with my dirty thoughts. It would just be wrong. I'm just gonna go stand in a corner and weep, but not before staring at these pics for a little longer. 

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