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Maria Menounos shares her mass ass with the masses

Apr. 10, 2013by: Droz

Another day, another testimony to the wonderful things happening on Maria Menounos' rear end. Yes, it is a fine butt she's got. However, let me take a moment to give some appreciation to the rest of Maria, which I must say looks fantastic in that dress. I sometimes get annoyed by her media antics, but I could never honestly make the claim that Maria is anything but a beautiful woman. Her bright white dress seems to be emphasizing that beauty in a powerful way. I don't think I've ever seen her look more angelic. I especially like the little braids in her hair. Add to the list of today's Menounos appreciation that fact she's got Kevin Farley on her show, who is another of my favorite people and not just for the fact that he's Chris's brother and near identical twin. And yes, she also showed off her ass. That alone is sufficient to make me love Maria.

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Extra Tidbit: Damn, that kid's hand was just inches from touching paradise.
Source: Moe Jackson


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10:31AM on 04/11/2013
I just wanna lay my face in her ass and fall asleep.
I just wanna lay my face in her ass and fall asleep.
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