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Maria Menounos with a little bit of makeup, a whole lot of product placement

3 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
I'm not sure if it counts as a swimsuit or bikini moment, seeing as how this clearly staged photo op moment with Maria Menounos shows her poolside as covered up as a junior high school girl with a body image complex. (Remember those days, fellas? Going to the pool and seeing girls - your age at the time, I hope - wearing baggy tshirts over their bathing suits and not even taking them off when they went in the water? Us females are a sensitive lot.) I like that Maria isn't wearing a lot of makeup, proving that she's not in need of being slathered down like a Kardashian to get people to see her exterior beauty. What I'm not digging is the clear advertising she's doing for Loreal products (notice the very evident positioning of the labels outward so that the cameras pick them up?) since she can shill that stuff during her day job, or on commercials. I just want Maria, her ass, a bikini and her smile. There's a reason why I don't read fashion magazines. After flipping through 70+ pages of adverts before getting to any literary content, a girl gets a little peeved.

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