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Mariah Carey might not have a high C anymore, but her double D's are just fine

Jun. 18, 2013by: Droz
Looks like a banner week for thick hotties in bikinis. I'm down with that. This time around it's Mariah Carey emerging from a little ocean dip onto her no doubt expansive, expensive and luxurious yacht in some exclusive part of the Italian Riviera. Mariah might be far removed from her days as a svelte hottie squeaking out those glass-breaking high c-notes, but I kind of like her new curves. They've certainly enhanced her assets up top - assets which she almost let fly in that wet bikini as she climbed onto the deck of her yacht. Good thing for her that water was chilly, as I think an erect nipple was the only thing keeping that top fastened to her tits and thus depriving the world of a good look at Mariah's mounds. I'm normally down for set of pointy nips on a nice, big set, but I think they might have done a disservice to us on this day.

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Drool Back
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11:56PM on 06/18/2013
Boy, that bikini never knew what hit it.
Boy, that bikini never knew what hit it.
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