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Marion Cotillard is contagious

Sep. 12, 2011by: Droz

I don't know what it is about sexy French women like Marion Cotillard. They've got something about them that's unlike any other women. There's an exotic thing happening there, which isn't so much a consequence of them looking different or distinct from anyone else, although they do have some rather gorgeous women there. It's more about a special kind of sexy they have. Maybe it's the accent. There is a well known correlation between sex appeal and people speaking French. Or maybe it's the phenomenon where virtually everything sexual somehow gets linked as a French invention or specialty.

Whatever's happening, Marion's got that special French appeal in spades. And she doesn't have to show off any skin to make it happen either. She can show up at a movie premiere like this one for her new movie CONTAGION, all dressed up like a Greek goddess, and totally blow away pretty much every other woman in the place in terms of sheer beauty. Obviously whatever she and her countrymen have going on, they get it honest. No knives or implants to enhance her beauty.

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Drool Back
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6:07PM on 09/12/2011
I wish she'd get that thing removed from her forehead. : ?
I wish she'd get that thing removed from her forehead. : ?
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9:52PM on 09/12/2011
ALWAYS lovely.
ALWAYS lovely.
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