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Mary Elizabeth Winstead makes with her sexy eyes

Nov. 22, 2013by: Droz

Mary Elizabeth Winstead was also at this Golden Globes event thing, signalling the imminent arrival of the December awards contenders. I wont slam this event too badly though, because it has brought us the darling Ms. Winstead looking adorably hot with her lovely doe eyes working their magic. Mary is one of the few ladies who can never come across badly to me. There's just nothing she could ever do to make me feel less worshipful of her. She looks amazing without make up. She's just as adorable doing crack on an abandoned couch under and overpass with homeless people and prostitutes, like her character did in SMASHED. If she were cast as a Nazi prison guard or the person who slaughters the lambs at the abattoir, she'd be the most charming example of those people ever. That's probably not such a great thing for someone who might want something more substantial to play than the cute girlfriend or the darling daughter. Maybe they could use prosthetics to give her a really nasty dueling scar or terrible skin condition in her next movie. Nah, she'd just make those things adorable too.

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Drool Back
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4:24PM on 11/25/2013

..., looks like she's let herself go post-marriage. Which happens. Sad., looks like she's let herself go post-marriage. Which happens. Sad.
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7:19PM on 11/22/2013
Her husband is a lucky sob
Her husband is a lucky sob
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