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Matthew McConaughey's sweetie Camila Alves shows her tail feathers at the Free Birds premiere

Oct. 14, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
Matthew McConaughey is known for a few things. His name takes some memorization to spell correctly, he's frequently seen shirtless on the beach and he settled down later in life with his exotic girlfriend (who became his wife in mid-2012), Camila Alves whom he impregnated with a few cute kids. Now Alves gets to be in the spotlight by association, having been a model prior to being known as Matt's baby mama. She was on hand at the Westwood Village premiere of the family friendly animated film FREE BIRDS, which will open in wide release on November 1st. Her physique is fairly impressive considering that she has popped out two sons and a daughter in the course of just under 4 years, even while her husband lost a shit ton of weight for the weighty true-life drama, DALLAS BUYER'S CLUB, due out in theaters (albeit in limited release) the same weekend as the kids flick.

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5:48AM on 10/14/2013
Alright alright alright.
Alright alright alright.
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5:00AM on 10/14/2013
Yep she's from Brazil, dead giveaway.
Yep she's from Brazil, dead giveaway.
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