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Maxim Australia reuses an old Malin Akerman photoshoot with no complaints

Feb. 26, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
Hell, I don't know if anyone has complained about this or not, I honestly don't give a hoot. I just know that when I saw these nice high resolution shots of Malin Akerman, I realized that they were from a year ago (the actress is due to give birth to her first child this coming April, so I doubt they could do a new shoot with her looking this hot topless) I though that it was a great idea to repost them and see who dares to complain just because I said there were no complaints. The other reason is that I'm sick as a dog right now and don't know how to think beyond "GIRL. HOT. PICTURES. WOO." Akerman might not be my opinion of the best actress or even the hottest, but the Aussie Maxim is simply stating that she was the funniest actress of 2012, in their opinion. And seeing as how they currently have the Aussie mafia taking over Hollywood (Jai Courtney, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Sam Worthington, Joel Edgerton), I think we can forgive them for A LOT.

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Source: Buddzone

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