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McDesignated Driver

Jun. 26, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

There is not enough news about actress Rachel McAdams lately. The last I remember her being in the spotlight was when the tabloids were reporting about her break-up with fellow actor Ryan Gosling.

So I bring to you the paltry excuse I have for posting a super cute picture of a woman who deserves more play time than the dumb attention whores of lately. Rachel is a big activist when it comes to clean air and reports that she tries to ride her bike and take public transportation whenever possible, in order to put less of a dent on the environment. Sweet, huh?

She also served as the designated driver for her sister when she got hitched over the weekend. She picked her up and drove her to the proceedings like a good sibling would (although a great one would drive you as far away from that shit as possible) and the media didn't catch one shot, McAdams is just too wholesome and low-key for them to keep up with. I love it.

Extra Tidbit: Rachel is currently in post-production on THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIVE, co-starring Eric Bana and Ron "OFFICE SPACE" Livingston.
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9:11PM on 06/26/2008
ugh she's in my top 5. love her.
ugh she's in my top 5. love her.
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