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Melissa Debling represents the good side of the new permanent summer situation

Jan. 16, 2014by: Droz

Some folks out in the east coast enduring your polar vortexes might disagree with me on the notion perpetual summer thing, but you don't know what's happening out here on the west coast. It was damn close to 90 degrees down in LA today. Right now I have all my doors and windows open and the sun is coming in from a clear blue sky. That shit doesn't happen around here in the middle of January. Normally if it's not raining at this time of year, it's still cold and dreary in most places on the west coast. So it looks like that global warming has decided to set up shop here year round. That might sound like an ominous thing at first, until you realize that we here in Cali have some of the best beaches in the world and all the finest hotties come here to show off their finest bodies on those beaches. Take a hottie like Melissa Debling. Who wouldn't want to spend all year enjoying the sight of bodies like hers in a bikini? Sure, we're not going to have any drinking water anymore, but look, huge tits! Screw the water.

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Drool Back
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7:21PM on 01/16/2014
Wow!!thats one hell of a body!
Wow!!thats one hell of a body!
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