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Aussie hottie Melissa George is poking out from both ends in her tight dress

3 years agoby: Droz

Here's one of my favorite hotties who never gets enough attention. Not sure what Melissa George was up to that required her to get into this seductive number she was wearing in Beverly Hills yesterday, but it's certainly making a nice showing of some of my favorite aspects of her. As with most women, I find her much better suited to her natural brunette hair. She also does better with her hair down. I love her little pouty lips though, and that body is awesome. You might remember Melissa as May the prostitute from DARK CITY. She was the one who was hot enough to give Jennifer Connelly a run for her money in that movie, which is quite a thing to say. She's Australian too, which is really hot for some reason. I'm not sure why I have this fetish about Aussie girls, but they seem to elicit my desire almost without failure. Melissa seems inclined toward indie productions, TV shows I don't watch and stuff based down under. She's good though, so I don't know why she isn't in more high profile stuff round these parts. If you're out there and you need a lead actress for your high profile movie, Melissa would be perfect. Give her a shot.

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Drool Back
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1:12PM on 07/30/2012
She was also in a really great movie called Triangle a year or two ago that I highly recommend.
She was also in a really great movie called Triangle a year or two ago that I highly recommend.
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