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Melissa Joan Hart conjures up some Snoop action at the Lupus Bag Ladies Luncheon

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
I am not completely sure what all Melissa Joan Hart was doing at the Lupus L.A. Bag Ladies Luncheon other than the obvious, which is that it's a charity and some face time for the Family Channel star. It's more sensible for Snoop to be at the event, seeing as how the rapper has been very vocal about his young daughter's struggle with Lupus, which began in 2004 in the then 6-year old little girl. The proud papa has said, "She's the toughest little thing I've ever met. She's on the honor roll, playing volleyball and softball, living life. She has all this joy. In the beginning lupus was winning. But now Cori is." Snoop paused to take pictures with MJH, who walked the runway and modeled purses that were up for auction. Hart is looking particularly fit after birthing a trio of tots in 6 years' time.

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Extra Tidbit: MJH was up for the role of Sidney in the original SCREAM, which of course went to Neve Campbell instead. I've always wondered how different that movie series would have been with Sabrina in the role instead.
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