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Mila Kunis is our super sexy friend with benefits

Jul. 23, 2010by: Randy the Ram
It's always a good thing when an actress keeps herself busy because we get to see more of them, if a hottie was a homebody we'd probably never see her unless there was a very ballsy & creepy photographer spying on her. I don't care if these set photos of Mila Kunis are very similar to the ones in the last articles about the lovely Mila, it's basically same old setting, Mila still filming FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS and still looking hot & cute in some short short with one hand in her pocket (no, the other one is not hailing a taxi cab). Man I want this movie to come out already, I know it will probably be your traditional sucky rom-com but if it goes by the numbers we will probably get one sexy scene from Mila Kunis.

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Source: Hollywoodtuna
Tags: mila kunis

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Drool Back
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6:44PM on 07/24/2010
I love those long sexy legs of hers.
I love those long sexy legs of hers.
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