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Mila Kunis is the true precious jewel in these pics

Feb. 21, 2013by: Droz

Mila Kunis has a new gig promoting jewelry made by a company called Gemfields which I've never heard of before because they make shit only rich people like Mila can afford. Is this like every woman's dream job? Just hang out with really expensive jewelry on? I envision a deep, inner longing within a woman that is soon satisfied once they've reached a place in life where people are actually paying them to throw on a chandelier-like necklace of diamonds and emeralds. Most women have to pay out for such a privilege (or have someone else pay for it) and then only for some single carat deal they found on sale at Jarad or Zales. Imagine for a moment, ladies, the thrill of having enough precious materials around your neck to feed an impoverished nation. While ya'll clean yourself up from that orgasmic experience, us guys will focus on the real gem in these pics, which is Mila of course. Who gives a shit about a bunch of shiny rocks? Give me the hottie with the gypsy eyes any day of the week.

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Source: NSFW

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