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Miley Cyrus makes it an unofficial fishnets Friday as she struts to recording studio

Jun. 29, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
If you were worrying about whether you'd have to wait long for Miley Cyrus to drop another CD, seeing as how she's been so busy with her film career and engaging of hot Australian dudes, fret not! The millionaire hillbilly hottie was spotted in Burbank as she went to the music studio to lay down tracks with Pharrell Williams and LA-based Hit-Boy. Just the other night Miley was wearing a black cut-out couture dress as she accompanied Liam Hemsworth to the Australians in Film dinner, a stretch from her bedazzled black jean shorts, black bra-white tank combo and hooker boots. Crap, I almost typed "books" in there instead. That would have been an epic mistake. Girl would have ended up covering the Nancy Sinatra hit and ruining that like she did with her live concert performances of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Close one!

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Source: Daily Mail
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