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Miley Cyrus skateboards with Liam, without a bra

Jul. 18, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Miley Cyrus has some new news going on. The engagement to Liam Hemsworth is still on the burners but it looks as if she's been cooking up some cutting issues. The singer was seen with slice marks on the inside of her left wrist, right below her latest tattoo, a quote from former president Theodore Roosevelt. ("So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.") She still hasn't gotten the smart girl's memo about how you should choose tattoos with more of an artistic structure so that you don't end up with smudged looking black lines later down the line when your skin ages and the ink bleeds. Miley's also been talking about having baby fever, looking forward to starting a family with her soon-to-be husband. Which is exactly what the Disney Channel wanted to hear. They've got open spaces in their youth programming line-up and need someone to fill that spot for the next generation of possessions-obsessed jackass American kids. But hey... at least she did us a favor by lazily scooting around on that board while not wearing a bra.

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5:49PM on 07/18/2012
Meh.. I work with women a lot hotter than her.
Meh.. I work with women a lot hotter than her.
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