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Milla Jovovich gets political with her weird fashions

Nov. 7, 2012by: Droz

So, my fellow Americans - how are we feeling today? Exalted? Butt hurt? Relieved? Worried? Probably a mixture of all the above. That was a pretty nasty campaign. Billions of dollars put on the line, careers destroyed, reputations ruined - for what? Nothing's changed. A couple Congresspeople lost their jobs and folks can now legally smoke pot and be a married gay couple in a few more places. Other than that, everything is just as it was. So what the hell did all these billionaire donators buy with their money? F*ck if I know.

And what is all this bullshit Milla Jovovich is spreading across her goofy fashion show here in the pages of Vogue India? Is anyone feeling motivated to change their life at the sight of these pics? I love you Milla, but the last people in the world who have any business preaching politics and life lessons to me are high fashion types. These people make shit tons of money selling sweatshop couture bullshit at massive mark ups, or parading skeletons around catwalks wearing bizarre shit like this that no one in their right mind would ever wear out in public. They live in their own little world where what they do has meaning and importance. Back in our world, it's just another ring in the circus show. So enough with the politics. Just stand there and look pretty for the nice fashionista.

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