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Milla Jovovich gets red hot in Tatler magazine

Aug. 27, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

The lovely, vanilla Milla Jovovich is trying to get our attention by dressing in alarming red in Tatler to warn us that RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION is on it's way. I never would have thought we'd still be seeing RESIDENT EVIL movies, and that's not even the only one coming out! The animated RESIDENT EVIL: DAMNATION also releases next month. I feel left out of the crowd that enjoys these flicks. I've only seen the first one and haven't checked out any of the other 20. I always find Milla to be super hot in the trailers though. The whole thing just kind of seems to play as a competitor to the UNDERWORLD anthology. They should end both of those series by tying them into one another so we can see Milla and Kate Beckinsale kick some zombie and werewolf ass together. And then, in classic UNDERWORLD fashion, they start getting intimate with each other after some big car chase. Now that I would go see!

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5:40PM on 08/27/2012
Just don't find her attractive whatsoever, her movies are all shit too.
Just don't find her attractive whatsoever, her movies are all shit too.
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