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Miranda Cosgrove looks tops at the Topshot unveiling at the Grove

Feb. 15, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
Breaking our hearts is the girl from "iCarly" who might not have the cleavage that her blonde co-star has but definitely has the legs to spare. Out here in California, where I'm from, they film that asinine Extra television show with Maria Menounos and Mario Lopez at this chi-chi shopping center called The Grove. It's a great place to visit if you're Demi Moore looking to buy an outfit that even your daughters wouldn't go near because it's too young for their style, or if you're promoting something like Miranda Cosgrove was. Preferably, I say hook yourself up with Jeanette McCurdy's Facebook page where you get to see her take those MySpacy type pictures of herself in the mirror and whatnot. Miranda is a class act. Which means you might get to see her wear a broken heart emblem on her chest, but she'll never let you look down the collar of that said shirt.

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Source: Just Jared Jr

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