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Mischa's Back to Work

07.29.2009by: Cherry Liquor

I felt really bad reading about the 48 hour lock down that actress Mischa Barton had to go through a little over a week ago. The reasons for which are still not completely clear, but she was put under a 5150 code, meaning that it was determined by a doctor that she was posing a danger either to herself or to others.

The actress has been beset with problems in the last couple of years, from being arrested for drug possession to a DUI as well as suffering from a beating from the media and bloggers. The weird thing about Barton for me is that I've always liked her as an actress, even the stuff she did as a kid. I never did watch "The OC" but she's been a confusing hottie for me for a long time.

News is coming out now that Mischa returned to work in New York City on a project called THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE. Let's all hope that she's able to find and achieve this on a personal level as well. It's one thing to tease those in the spotlight about poor wardrobe choices or your feelings on their level of talent, it's another to straight out wish for them to fail, which I hope I've never conveyed, despite any of my ribbing of anyone.

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Drool Back
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11:20AM on 07/29/2009
Hope all goes well.
Hope all goes well.
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