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Model Emily Didonato looks a little like a young Lori Singer in these lingerie pics

Nov. 6, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
There's a good question for the masses. Does anyone wonder or care what happened to Lori Singer, the original lead female in the 1984 version of FOOTLOOSE? Perhaps this Emily Didonato chick is related to Lori somewhere down the line, I'm uncertain. I just know that pretty girls in their underwear are always a big hit and this chick has a somewhat unique look, other than the fact that I just said she looks like Lori Singer which would indicate that she indeed does not look unique at all. Uhhhhhh.... boobies? Lindex is the name of the lingerie brand if you're interested in picking up any of these pieces for your own missuses. I love how that word almost looks like "misuses." Which means that it's very easy to misuse your missus, so treat her well and buy her something other than underwear. You're not going to get the right size and who really wants to wear all that in bed anyhow. What was I saying?

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Drool Back
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9:55AM on 11/06/2012
Funny you mention Lori Singer.Today's her 55th birthday.
Funny you mention Lori Singer.Today's her 55th birthday.
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