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Model Lisalla Montenegro has great butt joints, lays down plenty of flashing

Oct. 25, 2013by: Droz

Mmmmmm, so many beautiful women in the world, so little time to post them all. However, not every beautiful woman in the world will strap a fully loaded tool belt around her sexy cut offs and hang her hot her tits out of a flannel work shirt. That's one reason why hot, Brazilian model Lisalla Montenegro makes it to our pages on this Friday afternoon. The main reason is that she's Brazilian and I can't get enough of how sexy those women are, but you also have to respect Lisalla's handiness with a rotary saw as she takes on a piece of rebar. This is certainly not your average Esquire hottie photoshoot, but that's what I kind of like about it. One thing I find rather amusing to think about is her tool belt. Take a look at that thing. It's well used. Which means that unless Lisalla actually does construction work, she probably borrowed that belt from some guy on this site. Which means there was probably some sweaty contractor standing around behind the camera here, pissing off his foreman as he watched Lisalla make worn tool belts hotter than worn tool belts ever have. I don't know why, but that situation makes me laugh.

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Source: Esquire


Drool Back
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10:13PM on 10/25/2013
First I've heard of her, and dayum. Love those long, long gams.
First I've heard of her, and dayum. Love those long, long gams.
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