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Monkey Paquin

5 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
Anna Paquin decided to get in some unconventional exercise recently, hitting the rings in Santa Monica to practice her inner George of the Jungle. Not that I'm complaining. The recently admitted bisexual babe has some good moves and if I'd been there in person to watch, I have to admit that I would have been mesmerized by the fact that she's so willing to be a regular babe who enjoys herself on a nice day at the beach. With her vampire beau nowhere in site, one wonders if in reality, the actor is anti-sunlight as well. Not that I care. As time has gone by, I've gained more interest in and more curiosity about Paquin. After her admittance last week, it was disclosed that prior to her engagement to Moyer, she was in a long-term relationship with a woman, so she's not doing it for show. Good for her. (Still, keep up the acrobatic shows, Anna. They're not something we get to see the stuck-up babes do.)

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12:19PM on 04/21/2010
It should be titled "Ugly Paquin".....
It should be titled "Ugly Paquin".....
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