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Moran Atias could be the best thing for Men's Health indeed

Oct. 22, 2010by: Lester Diamond
I'm going to file Morian Atias as one of those women who flew completely below my radar. The Israeli model/actress is stunningly beautiful, yet I couldn't place where I'd seen her in the past. After a quick consult on IMDB, I discovered she played the character of Inez on the Showtime TV series CRASH (based off the Oscar bait flick of the same name). I watched the show as more of a guilty pleasure when it aired, but it never really sparked my interest with plot lines or characters (everyone on it seemed like gigantic douche bags). However, on further reflection I do remember Inez being a hot piece of tail on the show. I guess that just shows even a true beauty like Morian can be forgotten when subject to mediocre plots and bland characterizations.

You can see the actress next in the Russell Crowe starring and Paul Haggis directed film THE NEXT THREE DAYS. Morian is shown here in the pages of the November issue of Men's Health magazine. What's odd about this particular shoot is that they placed her in one of those "8 Things Women Are Hiding From You" (I.E. everything) articles. No interview, just eye candy for a frivolous article. She's either not one for words or has a shitty agent. Either way, at least they snapped some choice pics of the woman!

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Source: Celebutopia


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9:54AM on 10/25/2010
Oh wow.
Oh wow.
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9:11PM on 10/22/2010

Holy Fuck...

How did I miss this woman? She's captivating.
How did I miss this woman? She's captivating.
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