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More Forlani Needed!

Apr. 15, 2008by: Seth Gecko

header_premieres.gifI'll never forget being such a nerd when I was younger and sitting down for the first time ever to watch one of Kevin Smith's greatest accomplishments in his directing career which we all know as "Mallrats". In that film, I saw an actress that I immediately fell in love with and that was the stunning Claire Forlani. This babe who's face looks like it was chiseled for decades out of Italian marble isn't seen very frequently these days and is doing more "artsy" films pretty much. I miss her very much as she remains quite stunning to this day judging from photos I've seen.

Which is why I'm supremely happy to share a bunch of brand-new shots of Claire from yesterday when she walked the red carpet during the London premiere of her new drama called "Flashbacks of a Fool" alongside Mr. Bond himself, Daniel Craig. Based on the photos below, I give Claire a solid 10 for looking unbelievably hot and earning that high-score is no easy task. So enjoy the candids and watch out for "Flashbacks of a Fool" when it hits limited theatres in the UK on April 18, 2008.

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