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More Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini? But of course!

2 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

The full-quality version of Jennifer Love Hewitt's entire Shape magazine spread still has not been released, but fragments keep popping up little by little, and I couldn't let you schmoes go the weekend without being able to ogle this new pic of JLH in yet another bikini. We got a glimpse at her awesome new cover for Shape just a few days ago. I pray that there's an endless supply of Jenny Love bikini pics so we can get a new one every week, but let's just enjoy it while it lasts. Along with the swimsuit pic are a couple low-res images from the magazine, where they have Jennifer bending and stretching, which is always pleasant when it comes to curvy hotties like her. I'll make sure to study her exercise tips very hard when the issue is released. I also discovered some pics of Jennifer at a Valentine's Day event for "The Client List" yesterday, and she was without a date. I keep forgetting Jenny Love is single now, so if anyone knows where I can send the flowers and vodka, please toss me a line.

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Source: Superior Pics


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