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More Lizzy Caplan sultry eye action? Yes please!

Aug. 17, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Whenever my stomach starts to boil in that oh-so-not-welcome way (ulcers, aren't they grand?!), I need plenty of acid reducing medication and time to writhe around in pain. When I need to be reminded that not every woman working as an actress in Hollywood needs to look like a cardboard cut-out with dead fish eyes, I turn to women like Lizzy Caplan. The green-eyed babe was doing a photocall for BACHELORETTE while still at that film festival thing in Switzerland, this time in a more casual green printed dress that needs to be ripped off when she lowers her eyelids and bats her eyelashes at you. It's in the eyes. Who's with me on that one? It might be cliche, but I believe it to be one of the most consistent realities of life: It's all in the eyes.

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Source: Lazy Girls
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2:39PM on 08/17/2012
Her smile is pretty great too.
Her smile is pretty great too.
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4:13AM on 08/17/2012
Aw. man, I love gals like this
Aw. man, I love gals like this
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