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Apr. 29, 2009by: Cherry Liquor
Apparently everyone falls prey to the beauty of the butterfly and the scariness of a German accent, as Heidi Klum pulled in more than just HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL chicks to her hosted premiere of the Rumourous LG cell phone. (It's actually spelled "Rumorous" but I'm all about putting that extra u in the spelling. I like to spell humour with an extra one too. Never can get too many U's.) Anyhoo... here are some of the other women who showed up last night to promote and probably just snag a free phone.

Pictured are: Heidi Klum, Anna Faris, Lisa Rinna, Milla Jovovich, Christina Aguilera, Brittany Snow, January Jones, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Kate Mara.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Side commentary: Why does Anna Faris have such a varying degree of hotness to her? How is it that dating a douchebag seems to have more of an uglifying effect on JLove than say Kristen Bell? How does my Brittany always look so lovely and polished but not get as many film roles as she should? Thank you to whomever is convincing Kate Mara to go out and get photographed more. Xtina's hair is making me crave cotton candy.
Source: Celebutopia

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9:15PM on 05/04/2009
Favorites are Klum, Jovovich, JLH and Mara here.
Favorites are Klum, Jovovich, JLH and Mara here.
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11:14AM on 04/29/2009
Kate, Anna, and Brittany are my favorites.:)
Kate, Anna, and Brittany are my favorites.:)
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