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Morena Baccarin is at GenR because she's clearly Ravishing

Jul. 26, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I doubt there's been a woman that I find more attractive with short hair than long than when it comes to Morena Baccarin. Perhaps it's her heritage. The soft, delicate features punctuated so distinctly by the dark colored hair and eyes. She looks dangerous and yet vulnerable at the same time. I have no idea what the charity event she was at details, I just know that it's called the GenR Summer Party for the International Rescue Committee. I know that it got Morena out, in a slightly less revealing than everyone would have preferred dress (but you gotta be a little more professional looking for those types of events) looking seven thousand different shades of unbelievably gorgeous. And now I sit back and ponder my eternal (well, 4 year long) quandary about how the occasional comment will come in, chiding me for the infrequent times that I have knocked those that I found mockable. Those who believe that I am perpetually negative. The people who point fingers and call me a hater while describing in detail how they believe I am so harsh, all without the slightest hint of realization that they're behaving so pot-ish. Think about it.

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3:42AM on 07/26/2012
Very pretty, but what is up with her leg?
Very pretty, but what is up with her leg?
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