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Morena Baccarin is pretty, hot in Redbook USA

3 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

I feel a bit ashamed of myself for being a self-proclaimed "nerd", a title that seems involuntary, yet I can't seem to live up to it. For example, I should have a much better understanding of (and appreciation for) Morena Baccarin and her body of work. The Brazilian hottie's been involved with many of the great late sci-fi television series. She played the character Inara Serra on "Firefly" as well as the follow-up film SERENITY, and she portrayed Adria in "Stargate SG-1" and that series' follow-up film STARGATE: THE ARK OF TRUTH. She may be best know as the manipulating Visitor Queen and High Commander in the 2009 version of "V". And last but not least, in case you don't know (I didn't), she's been on the series "Homeland" this past year. These are all shows I've heard great things about at one point or another, but I never hooked myself onto any of them. I do know whenever I'd see Morena on the screen I always found her breathtaking, and she usually had shorter hair. Now she her hair grown out, and she looks pretty flippin' amazing. So this goes out to Baccarin's fans who don't think she gets enough attention these days. Enjoy!

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Extra Tidbit: That last one is just because wow.


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