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Natalia Proza is just another happy hottie looking hot with bottled water

1 year agoby: ResidentRiddle64

I can'tI don'tI'm not strong enough, you guys. After putting up an article featuring 138 water models, I always think to myself, "That's it for a while." But, no. It never fails where I'll see a photospread the next f*cking day of another ridiculously sexy lady pimping out the already pimped out 138 water. You know what might make it easier? Just deciding to not point out the fact that these goddamn bottles of water are seeing more action than I am. That's probably what gets me feeling so low. In any case, this is Natalia Proza, who has graced the pages of MovieHotties before, but again, these ladies just have an effect on me. Or, maybe, perhaps, I should just give in and understand that I love these pictures and I love these women and I love this water for some reason, too. It must be pretty damn delicious. I don't know who I am anymore. I'll just look at these pictures and be in a state of confused contentment.

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7:47PM on 02/28/2014
She kinda looks like Christina Ricci meets Emma Stone.
She kinda looks like Christina Ricci meets Emma Stone.
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