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Natalie Portman busts out the leather, lace and cleavage on the Malick set

Oct. 22, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
When the images of Natalie Portman with her new blonde hairdo came out, I wasn't all that impressed. When I heard that she'd colored her hair for a role she was about to start filming in a Terrence Malick flick, I still wasn't all that impressed. But as more and more images of her on the set leak out during filming, the more interested I am in finding out what the as yet untitled movie will have Ms Portman doing. Seeing as how she had dropped a ridiculous amount of weight to realistically look like a ballerina in BLACK SWAN, I am enjoying that she's retained the curves that her recent pregnancy stint put on her body. Nat's finally back to looking like a strong woman, a vixen for sure. Now, if only the movie doesn't turn out to be a 3 hour long piece of pretentious crap, it'll be a win for everyone.

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Source: Gossip Girls

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3:45AM on 10/22/2012
101 reasons to be jealous of Benjamin Millepied.
101 reasons to be jealous of Benjamin Millepied.
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