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Natalie Portman is radiant in trenchcoats, everything else

Apr. 5, 2012by: Droz

A rare treat yesterday as Natalie Portman was out and about without her kid, all trenchcoated up like a 40s detective. Not much in the way of skin here, but that's alright, it's Natalie. That perfect face of hers is more than enough eye candy for anyone's needs. You know, I'm happy for the hotties when they have the kids. Its a joyous time and all that, but it is still a pain to always have to see them around with it. I can't tell you how many terrific candid shots of hotties get ruined by a kid getting in the way. It could be a hot bikini on a beach or a sidewalk in something tight. Doesn't matter, it's all for naught if there's some little kid getting in the way. I guess it makes sense - moms can't be expected to prioritize our desire to gawk at them over the needs of their kid. Still, if you're a hottie mom and you go to go to the beach in a g-string bikini or squeeze into the extra tight jeans with the low cut top, at least try to hand off the kid for a few minutes for a few quick snaps. Throw us a bone now and then.

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