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Natalie Zea justifies some bare back, gives you FM eyes

Nov. 15, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
The last time I remember covering Natalie Zea, it was for one of those Esquire "Me in My Place" layouts that they've been doing which have been off-the-charts popular. From professional cheerleaders and up-and-coming models to actresses who have needed some more attention paid to just how good they look lounging around their house in their undies, the magazine really caught on to something. However, is it just me or has anyone else caught onto the fact that it appears they are using the same "My Place" for every set of shots that they do? It makes me wonder whose place it really is. Natalie, on the other hand, is a 37-year old total babe and a half who got her start on daytime soaps and can more recently be seen starring opposite my future ex-lover, Timothy Olyphant, on the western TV show, "Justified." Zea was on hand at the TV Guide Hot List party that was recently thrown, looking as if the gods exfoliated her deliciously smooth and tempting back flesh. In a way, there are times that this look is far more sultry and arousing than excessive cleavage, don'tcha think?

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