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Nicole Scherzinger is purple passion at the MIB3 premiere

May. 15, 2012by: Droz

So we're now in full on summer movie mode now, with all the summer movie premiere's starting to come on heavy. The latest is MEN IN BLACK 3, which had its premiere in Berlin yesterday. In attendance was the ravishing Nicole Scherzinger doing the whole bandage dress bit, which I think you'll agree is works pretty damn well on that shapely body of hers. Nicole is like the embodiment of the exotic woman. When I think of that concept, I think of a beauty like Nicole all dark-haired and copper-skinned, dressed in Eastern garb and enchanting hapless men into darkened rooms etched with ancient hieroglyphics, where their souls are taken and used to prolong her eternal youth. Or something like that.

So this summer movie season looks to be a record-breaker, in a lot of ways. We've already seen THE AVENGERS make a billion bucks, but I think MIB3 is going to go the opposite route and tank the hardest. Did you know they've spent something like $375,000,000 dollars on this thing thus far? Probably $400 mil before it hits theaters. I'll be amazed if they make that money back. A movie that started shooting with a half finished script, was plagued with controversy before it was even finished, and rehashes stories and characters people were already getting tired of 10 years ago, is going to be lucky if it makes back 400 million bucks. Unless they've done something amazing with it, which doesn't seem likely, I think Sony is going to be writing this one off.

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