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Nicole Scherzinger should have not trusted her fashion & makeup people

Nov. 6, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
For being such a gorgeous woman with a Barbie doll figure, I don't understand what it is that keeps Nicole Scherzinger from breaking out more. Sure, she's hosted or judged a show that I don't watch and she's been in a girl group that I refused to listen to but hey... she's a hottie with an awesome body. What's up with the crazy stupid outfits that her fashion people keep putting her in? I get the idea here, demure but with a slinkiness to show off her ass and bits cut out to hint at skin, but the hair and the makeup on top of it? Not working. I'm no expert at this fashion shit and even I can see that this is a butt-ugly affair going on here as Scherzinger attended the Music Industry Trust Awards in the UK last night. Then again, I think blood pudding is disgusting and they still eat it over on the isle, so what do I know?

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