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Nina Agdal and her equally hot friend swap super tight pants for Bebe

Jul. 18, 2014by: Droz

Nina Agdal is actually clothed for the most part for fashion line Bebe's July catalogue. Being dressed can't keep Nina from being hot. Girl radiates sex appeal through any degree of clothing you put on her. I don't know who Nina's raven-haired partner in crime is there, but I'm kind of digging on her too. They make quite a pair, swapping literal tight ass pants and squeezing their perfect bodies into even tighter dresses. Seeing these two together does make me wonder what the process is for selecting one super fine hottie from a literal crowd of equally super fine hotties. Plenty of models out there just as hot as Nina - some even more so. Why don't they get as much attention as her? I suspect it's some sort of industry evaluation inexplicable to the fashion layman. Sort of like art dealers and how they come to the conclusion that a shopping cart spray painted pink and filled with mutilated doll heads is worth millions. Or a Picasso doodle on a bar napkin is worth the gross domestic product of a small nation. Not to say that Nina doesn't deserve to the love she gets. She's just got a lot of equally loveable company in that regard. I wish they all got as much attention as Nina.

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Source: Bebe


Drool Back
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8:19AM on 07/19/2014
Amazingly hot. The other super hot lady is Lisalla Montenegro
Amazingly hot. The other super hot lady is Lisalla Montenegro
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