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Nina Agdal shows off the goods for Black Friday

Nov. 26, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

Nina Agdal is a babe. BEBE knows this, so to sell more shit on the shopping day to end all shopping days, they've put her front and center for clothes they're trying to sell. I don't know about these people, but if they were to just feature some pics of her posing in the buff, I'd probably be more inclined to buy whatever they were selling on my shopping day. Typically, my shopping day is the day after Christmas (dude, the sales are ridiculous), but since this is for Black Friday and all, I may have to open my schedule up to buy some of these dresses and heels (what? They make my ass look AMAZING). Normally, I don't like to post pictures that end up in a catalog that goes in my Grandma's mailbox, but I'm willing to give Nina a pass on this one. Not only is she ridiculously hot, but the pics she's presented herself in make me happy and look forward to my special alone time when my roommates leave to go to work, I MEAN, Black Friday. Yeah, let's go with that. 

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Source: BEBE


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4:20PM on 11/26/2013
Nina is so damn sexy.
Nina is so damn sexy.
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