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Nina Dobrev is a work of art

Jan. 14, 2014by: Droz

I used to be confused about why these Art of Elysium things draw such an impressive crowd of hotties all the time. Then I realized that it's all about helping sick kids, which is the thing everyone famous wants to associate themselves with. And why not? Who doesn't care about sick kids? It's a great cause. And then there's that other thing where hotties show up to their gala events in sexy gowns. Fine ass babes like Nina Dobrev, who was at one of said galas the other night, looking all kinds of delectable in her literal tight ass orange number with the heavy cleavage. There was a time when Nina's Eastern European heritage, which you can clearly make out in that sweet face of hers, was where it was at as far as I was concerned on Nina. I still like that aspect of her, but lately I've become just as taken with her lovely backside. That's is a great butt. You really have to give the love to hotties who look equally great either coming or going. Because you don't see that happen very often.

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Drool Back
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9:26PM on 01/14/2014
An elegant olive-skinned beauty, she looks so radiant here.
An elegant olive-skinned beauty, she looks so radiant here.
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