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Nina Dobrev keeps it tight at the terminal

Mar. 24, 2014by: Droz

It's weird how the paps all know exactly when celebs are going to be at the airport. I don't know if they're just camped out there all day or if they somehow find out when they're going to be there. It does make one understand a little better why a lot of celebs get paranoid. But I digress. I usually don't post anything from airports, as just like most of us, celebs don't often feel like they need to dress to impress during their flight to wherever. Also it would appear that all the mimosas you can drink doesn't spare first class flyers from the effects of jet lag. So many deboard their flight looking just as destroyed as the rest of us packed into steerage. Apparently the exception to all these rules was Nina Dobrev, who was all about impressing folks in her leggings and the leather while heading into LAX. Granted, Nina was heading for departures rather than leaving from arrivals. No telling how she weathered that. I'm thinking she still looked pretty good. I just wonder wonder if it would be better to get the ass or the crotch from Nina in this getup. I'm thinking ass.

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